A warning, a delayed repair, a patient died

Patient Safety Monitor Insider

June 25, 2014

A psychiatric hospital in Boston is under fire from government investigators after a patient died in June after throwing himself out of a plate glass window five stories up, according to a story in the Boston Globe.
According to the report, CMS investigators have ruled that the Dr. Solomon Carter Fuller Mental Health Center in the city’s South End failed to provide adequate care in the 56-year-old man’s suicide. Ironically, the day after the man’s death, funds were approved by Massachusetts mental officials to install new, unbreakable plastic windows.
A manager at the hospital had requested funds for new windows six months before the suicide of the man who suffered from schizophrenia when she noticed the hazard, and a committee had discussed the problem five times since her request, the report indicated, but several times she was told there were no funds available.
While the hospital had its accreditation renewed, patient safety advocates have said the case is an example of how mental health hospitals are underfunded, according to the Globe report.