AHA disappointed with proposed hospital budget cuts

Patient Safety Monitor Insider

June 17, 2009

On June 13, 2009, President Barack Obama called for an additional $220 billion cut to hospital payments over the next ten years, a move which disappointed leaders at the American Hospital Association (AHA). The AHA feels that hospitals, which already are facing $38 billion in reform-related cuts as well as $41 million in cuts related to the proposed Medicare inpatient prospective payment system, are being unfairly targeted and will not be able to deliver quality patient care to their patients and communities.

President Obama says that to move forward with healthcare reform, these cuts are necessary. In order to increase efficiency and quality of care in the long term, and not simply push the burden future generations, financing for healthcare reform must take place in the near future. Additionally, he says that some of the money hospitals count on from the government to help pay for patients who are uninsured and seeking care will need to be relied on less in the future, as more citizens become insured.

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