AHRQ releases software to help hospitals analyze and publicize quality data

Patient Safety Monitor Insider

June 9, 2010

Last Friday the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) announced it had created a new data analysis software tool for hospitals to use. The Windows-based tool, called MONAHRQ (My Own Network, Powered by the AHRQ) will help facilities better aggregate, analyze, and display quality data at no extra cost. The tool also allows users to create websites that display the data for internal benchmarking use or to showcase quality of care statistics to the public.

Hospitals that are already using many of the AHRQ’s quality indicators, reporting template, and other tools, can easily use that data to plug into the MONAHRQ software tool. Additionally, the AHRQ has said that the data that can be captured by MONAHRQ goes beyond that of the Hospital Compare tool with some of the information available, such as hospital-specific data on patient safety events and deaths, as well as preventable rehospitalizations.

To find out more about MONAHRQ, click here.