Alarms, health IT, and patient violence lead ECRI Institute's 2015 list of top 10 patient safety concerns

Patient Safety Monitor Insider

April 7, 2015

Patient safety is a top priority for every healthcare organization, but knowing where to direct initiatives can be daunting. To help organizations decide where to focus their efforts, ECRI Institute has compiled its second annual list of the Top 10 Patient Safety Concerns for Healthcare Organization.

This year’s list includes:
  1. Alarm hazards: inadequate alarm configuration policies and practices
  2. Data integrity: incorrect or missing data in EHRs and other health IT systems
  3. Managing patient violence
  4. Mix-up of IV lines leading to misadministration of drugs and solutions
  5. Care coordination events related to medication reconciliation
  6. Failure to conduct independent double checks independently
  7. Opioid-related events
  8. Inadequate reprocessing of endoscopes and surgical instruments
  9. Inadequate patient handoff related to patient transport
  10. Medication errors related to pounds and kilograms
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