Blog spotlight: Is power of the people a good thing in healthcare?

Patient Safety Monitor Insider

June 20, 2012

More and more, hospitals are being publicly rated by the patient. Plenty of websites cater to this business, and of course, this is what HCHAPS is all about.

As a business, engaging your consumer base—as in, gaining feedback, and incorporating that feedback into improvement efforts—is usually a good thing; however, hospitals are not hotels. They have a greater responsibility than providing a quiet and relaxing stay. They must ensure patient safety and clinical excellence. A patient who is now healthy and rates a hospital’s rooms as “dingy” might be providing somewhat useful feedback, but only if that hospital’s leaders are smart enough to put such feedback in perspective and not put money into a new paint job when it could be better spent on more staff.

A new study shows that consumers, or patients in this instance, might hurt themselves in the long run by using rating websites for hospitals (both ranking and relying on rankings).

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