CDC reports on HAIs show some progress, sets the stage for future prevention efforts

Patient Safety Monitor Insider

June 4, 2014

New and improved data released by the CDC offers a more comprehensive and accurate depiction of the impact that healthcare-associated infection (HAI) has on patient care, both within each state and across the country.

In March, the CDC released two new reports on the frequency of HAIs in the U.S. The first, published on March 27 in the New England Journal of Medicine, revealed the results of a prevalence survey that researchers began in 2009 and covered 183 acute care hospitals in 10 different geographic locations. More than 11,000 patients were included in the survey between May and September 2011. Based on these findings, researchers indicated that on any given day, one in 25 hospital patients has at least one HAI

This is an excerpt from an article in the June issue of Patient Safety Monitor Journal.

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