California legislation makes antimicrobial stewardship a priority

Patient Safety Monitor Insider

July 1, 2015

By July 1, 2015, California will be the first state to require hospitals to implement a physician-led antimicrobial stewardship program (ASP), thanks to legislation passed in September that modified a previous 2006 law.

Although the previous state law required hospitals to "develop a process for evaluating the judicious use of antibiotics," new requirements under Senate Bill 1311 go a step further, requiring California hospitals to:

  • Adopt and implement an antimicrobial stewardship policy in accordance with professional and federal guidelines.
  • Develop a physician-supervised multidisciplinary antimicrobial stewardship committee, subcommittee, or work group
  • Appoint a physician or pharmacist to the committee or work group that has prior training in antimicrobial stewardship, or received training from the CDC, the Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America (SHEA), or other professional organization.

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