Cleveland Clinic begins pilot for electronic health records service out of patients’ homes

Patient Safety Monitor Insider

November 19, 2008

On November 5, Cleveland Clinic began the 90-day pilot for MyChart, an electronic health record system that will hopefully transform the way medicine is practiced, reports The Plain Dealer .

The Clinic partnered with Microsoft HealthVault to develop a service that allows patients to monitor certain chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart failure, all from their own homes. The monitors and meters plug into computers, and their data can then be uploaded to HealthVault’s online service, which gathers the information to be organized and shared. From there, MyChart collects the information from HealthVault and distributes the data to the patients' doctors.

New technologies like this could potentially lower the cost of healthcare, the article says. Early medical interventions could lead to healthier patients with fewer hospital admissions, which would lower costs.

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