Connecticut hospital holds emergency drill for first responders

Patient Safety Monitor Insider

November 26, 2014

About 25 wailing people who appeared to possess multiple injuries were attended to by emergency medical personnel in the parking lot of Charlotte Hungerford Hospital in Torrington, Connecticut on November 22, according to a report in the Register-Citizen.

Thankfully, it was only a drill, but an important one. The scenario was part of a disaster triage training drill for hospital personnel, and was designed to help train first responders how to handle a large-scale medical disaster. In the day’s 29-degree weather, medical personnel tended to multiple fake injuries, the report added.

About 55 local emergency medical personnel and nurses participated in the one-day class, which started with a lecture portion inside the hospital and later moved to practical on-site training working with mock-disaster victims outside. According to the report, local high school students and members of EMS explorer groups acted as the victims, painted with realistic-looking wounds and prosthetic bones sticking out of arms and legs.