Data analytics and systems engineering off the keys to improved patient care

Patient Safety Monitor Insider

October 21, 2015

At any given moment, the intensity level within the ICU at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) in Boston can shift from relatively low to dangerously high. For clinicians, this shift is often instinctual, but difficult to grasp. A flurry of new patients may suddenly require more intensive care, causing the unit to buzz with activity. The intensity level spikes, and the providers naturally respond to the increase.

All ICUs in the country experience these same shifts, where everything from admissions and discharges to the experience level of nursing staff can impact the intensity level of the unit. Normally, clinicians are expected to roll with the punches and respond to higher intensity levels as they emerge, but soon, BIDMC will be able to track, quantify, and even predict those changes using data compiled though a new project called "Risky States."

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