Detroit hospital sued for refusal to release records after patient death

Patient Safety Monitor Insider

February 4, 2009

Detroit Medical Center (DMC) is being sued for failing to release peer review records and other information in connection with a patient's death, reports The Detroit Free Press. The patient, who was a mental health patient, died after being placed in restraints. DMC originally denied the request by the Michigan Protection and Advocacy Services (MPAS) to release the requested records, citing the lack of a state law to force the hospital to do so.

The MPAS, says that because federal law would require the release of the requested records, and the MPAS is a federally-funded organization, DMC will be forced to turn them over. The MPAS says it would like to review the records in connection with this patient's death to ensure that a proper investigation was conducted. Two other patients were found to have been injured while in restraints at DMC, according to the article.

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