Editor’s pick: Adverse Events Reporting: Do you comply with OIG recommendations?

Patient Safety Monitor Insider

March 21, 2012

The Office of Inspector General (OIG) has looked at CMS and found its system of hospital oversight has missed opportunities to address patient safety and quality when reporting and learning from adverse events. As a result, OIG has issued recommendations for CMS to implement to improve event reporting structures, corrective processes, and patient safety from the top down, meaning your facility could ultimately be called to face the music.

Don’t let what the OIG has learned affect the patient safety or the accreditation of your facility or subject you to potential sanctions. This 90-minute webcast with practicing healthcare lawyer Renee H. Martin, JD, RN, MSN, will address barriers to creating a culture of safety and action plans for effective adverse event reporting processes.

For more information or to participate, call 800/650-6787 and mention Source Code EZINEADp4 or visit HCPro's Healthcare Marketplace.