Female hospital CEOs polled on patient safety

Patient Safety Monitor Insider

November 23, 2004

According to a recent nationwide http://www.phns.com poll of 150 female hospital chief executive officers (CEOs), the best way to improve patient safety may be to change and monitor the culture of healthcare organizations. That was the leading answer for 50.7% of the CEOs polled. After that 43.3% of respondents said it was training and educating staff; 11.3% said proper reporting; and 8.7% believed in implementing technology.

The findings from this study contradict the results from previous studies, along with the current Washington, DC, mindset, which places technology as the top way to improve patient safety.

Rick Kneipper, co-founder and chief administrative officer of PHNS, explained the research showed that hospital CEO's know from first-hand experience that patient safety is only as good as a hospital's employees and the systems it has in place. He also says that they are right on target. He predicts that with a growing number of female CEOs, we will see increased initiatives in patient safety.

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