ICU hospitalists lead to quality improvement

Patient Safety Monitor Insider

May 2, 2012

A California hospital reduced the rate of catheter-related bloodstream infections by 75% and decreased the average length of intensive care unit (ICU) stays by 22% by converting conventional hospitalists to ICU hospitalists, according to a study presented by two physicians at the annual meeting of the Society of Hospital Medicine. The hospital, which is a community hospital with 270 beds, also saw a 35% decrease in ventilator days and reduced the number of ventilator-associated pneumonia to 0% following the ICU hospitalist service.

When surveyed, hospital staff indicated that the creation of an ICU hospitalist team improved communication between physicians and nurses, as well as between hospitalists and subspecialists. Patient satisfaction scores increased after the implementation of the ICU hospitalist service, as did job satisfaction among nurses and hospitalists as a whole.

Source: Family Practice News