Including family members in rounds can benefit patients, care team

Patient Safety Monitor Insider

December 2, 2009

Involving families in patients' care can improve family satisfaction as well as the standard of care provided to the patient. These findings were published in the November 2009 Academic Medicine study, titled Inclusion of Parents in Pediatric Subspecialty Team Rounds: Attitudes of the Family and Medical Team. The researchers from Indiana University School of Medicine studied pediatric cancer and hematology patients at Riley Hospital in Indianapolis. Specifically, researchers looked to see the effects of families being more integrated into their children's rounds, reports Science Daily.

Parents involved in the daily rounding for their child were able to provide caregivers with necessary information and were more able to concentrate on what the caregivers were telling them about their child than when they were at the bedside. Typically rounding involves many members of a patient's care team. Researchers found that the more members of the care team involved in rounding, the less likely it was that families would be included. However, for the specific population evaluated, effective communication between the patient's family and the caregiver team is especially vital.

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