Joint Commission announces field review for medication reconciliation

Patient Safety Monitor Insider

April 7, 2010

The Joint Commission has announced the field review of its revised medication reconciliation requirement, which it has designated as National Patient Safety Goal (NPSG) 03.07.01.

The revised goal is designed to work in tandem with other medication management requirements. It requires providers to maintain and communicate accurate information regarding a patient’s medications. Specifically, the goal would require hospitals to:

  • obtain medication information from patients at admission
  • compare that information with the medications ordered for the patient and identify discrepancies
  • communicate to the patient at discharge information about the medications he or she should be taking
  • impress upon the patient the importance of managing his or her medications outside of the facility

The Joint Commission is asking for feedback from the field through May 11, although it would prefer feedback by April 30. To offer feedback and read the full text of the proposal, click here.