Joint Commission announces new 2015 Patient Safety Systems chapter

Patient Safety Monitor Insider

November 26, 2014

Typically, a lot of fuss is made when The Joint Commission announces it will be adding a new chapter to its Comprehensive Accreditation Manual for Hospitals. Usually, that’s because a new chapter means new standards, which translates to more work for hospital accreditation departments.

So it was surprising, and a little confusing, when The Joint Commission announced in the September issue of its publication, The Source, that it would be adding a new Patient Safety Systems chapter to its accreditation manual—allegedly without any new standards.

According to The Source, the new chapter “will not contain new standards or requirements.” Instead, it will “describe how existing Joint Commission requirements can be applied to enhance patient’s safety.” The publication specifically references LD.04.04.05, which requires the hospital to have an organization-wide integrated patient safety program.

This is an excerpt from an article in Patient Safety Monitor Journal.

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