NYC hospitals faulted for inadequately reporting near misses and adverse events

Patient Safety Monitor Insider

March 11, 2009

A recent report by the New York City (NYC) comptroller found that hospitals in NYC report adverse events and near miss events far less frequently than hospitals in other parts of the state, reports The New York Times. About half of all hospital patients within the state were seen in NYC where the rate of reporting adverse events was 39 per 10,000 patients. In upstate New York that number is 70 per 10,000 patients and on Long Island that number is 64 per 10,000 patients.

Although rates of reported incidents are higher outside of NYC, that does not necessarily mean the quality of care is worse. It's possible NYC hospitals do not do as thorough of a job of reporting adverse incidents. This lack of adequate reporting leads consumers to make uneducated decisions about where to receive treatment, the report says.

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