National Quality Forum creates standardized set of data for electronic health records

Patient Safety Monitor Insider

November 18, 2009

The National Quality Forum (NQF), under a contract from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, has created a Quality Data Set, a framework for collecting standardized data from patients' electronic health records. The data set was designed to define the clinical data necessary to be captured in order to improve healthcare quality. Soon the NQF will require any measures submitted for endorsement to contain specifications for how data surrounding them should be captured within the Quality Data Set framework.

The goal of the Quality Data Set is to define a common list of data that can be captured from multiple electronic sources—electronic medical records, personal health records, and health information exchanges. Specifically, the Quality Data Set will capture standard elements about a condition or treatment, the quality data elements that deliver some context, and data flow attributes that divulge where the data is coming from concerning the standard elements.

For more information about the Quality Data Set, click here.