New Jersey bill proposes increased identification of hospitals that have committed errors

Patient Safety Monitor Insider

January 28, 2009

As part of an expansion of the Patient Safety Act that went into effect in New Jersey four years ago, a new bill (S2471) would give consumers increased knowledge of which hospitals have committed serious errors in patient care, reports The Star-Ledger. Currently, the law is written in a way that keeps hospital names confidential so that they will continue to report when errors occur, says the article.

The proposed bill, which has passed through a state Senate panel, allows for hospitals to maintain confidentiality for most errors; however, hospitals would be required to report publicly about the 14 most egregious errors (also known as never events), many of which have been named to Medicare's no-pay list. Advocates for the bill say it will give consumers more information around which they can base decisions for hospital care.

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