New Tool Simplifies the Process of Patient Safety Improvement

Patient Safety Monitor Insider

February 3, 2016

A new tool endorsed by the National Patient Safety Foundation aims to streamline patient safety and quality improvement efforts using a simple, evidence-based model.

"The Healthcare Adventures Graphic Gameplan for Patient Safety," released in October 2015, offers a standardized approach both leaders and clinicians can use to address gaps in patient safety. A multidisciplinary group that partnered patient safety experts with human development and organizational behavior experts created the tool and released it for free with the hope that some hospitals would be able to apply the same principles to initiatives within their facility.

Patient Safety Monitor Journal spoke with one of the guide's authors, Jay Vogt, an organizational and human development consultant and founder of Peoplesworth in Concord, Massachusetts, about the tool and how hospitals can use it to improve patient safety interventions and address cultural barriers.

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