New York health system offers physicians large incentive to make patient records digital

Patient Safety Monitor Insider

September 30, 2009

New York's North Shore Long Island Jewish Health System announced recently that it will pay each of its physicians $40,000 each over the next five years if they switch to using electronic medical records, reports The New York Times. This would be in addition to the up to $44,000 available from the federal government for doing the same thing. North Shore says that encouraging its physicians to convert patient records to a digital format will not only enable the system to improve its quality of care, but will make the system more attractive to physicians.

Because most physicians are not employed by one specific hospital and instead can work at a few in one area, the need for a health system to stand out as a good place to work is important. NorthShore feels that by closing the digital gap it can attract more physicians to work at its hospitals.

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