OSHA Column: What's up with OSHA's proposed I2P2 rule?

Patient Safety Monitor Insider

August 6, 2014

In case you haven’t heard, OSHA has been rather quietly avoiding implementing a rule that the agency’s top brass have said would help prevent worker injuries and illnesses on the job.


OSHA’s proposed Injury and Illness Prevention Program, known as I2P2, has been in the planning stages since way back in 2010, when Dr. David Michaels, the Assistant Secretary of Labor, made worker safety his top priority to get a written rule on the books by 2011. The rule would, among other things, require employers to develop and implement an injury and illness prevention program, including a systematic process to proactively and continuously address workplace safety and health hazards.

It’s now 2014, and the latest information is that OSHA is looking to publish a rule by September. It’s August, and we haven’t heard much. My guess is that it will get delayed again.


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