OSHA Guest blog: Unleashing robots on the Superbugs

Patient Safety Monitor Insider

January 7, 2015

Of all the new technologies emerging in the fight against healthcare-acquired infections, the one that has caught my eye quite a bit lately has been these machines that disinfect a hospital room by bathing it in ultraviolet (UV) light.

Since the Ebola scare broke back in October, there isn’t a day that goes by that my inbox isn’t bombarded with ads and press releases about these so-called “germ-zapping robots” that promise to eradicate all infections in the healthcare environment.

Hardly new technology, UV technology has been used for quite some time in healthcare as an effective addition to a robust infection control program. Essentially, by exposing the bugs to energy equivalent to more than 25,000 times the energy that we would get in a day in the sun at the beach, the machines give them a really bad sunburn and keep the bugs from reproducing.

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