Obama: Fewer hospital mistakes saved 50,000 lives, $12 billion

Patient Safety Monitor Insider

December 3, 2014

A new report from the Obama administration claims that improved patient safety and fewer mistakes at U.S. hospitals from 2010-2013 saved about 50,000 lives and about $12 billion in healthcare spending, according to a report in The Telegraph of Macon, Georgia.

The report credited a number of public and private initiatives for the reduction of incidents of hospital-induced harmful events such as adverse drug events, infections, falls and bed sores, which fell by 17 percent or an estimated 1.3 million episodes over the three-year period.

Of the estimated 50,000 fewer deaths, a decline in pressure ulcers helped save an estimated 20,300 lives, the report said.  In addition, a drop in adverse drug events such as overdoses and administering the wrong medication, likely saved another 11,500 lives. Fewer patient falls are credited with saving 6,400 lives, the report said.