One health system reduces death and readmission rates associated with heart surgery

Patient Safety Monitor Insider

April 1, 2009

Geisinger Health System in Danville, PA, has bucked the trend and guaranteed patients who undergo elective bypass surgery a 90-day warranty on that procedure, reports The Washington Post. Patients pay Geisinger a flat fee, and if they have any complications, the health system will pay any associated costs. This model runs contrary to most fee-for-service models.

In conjunction with instituting this pay model, Geisinger began to standardize care, which has helped Geisinger not only cut costs for bypass surgery by 15%, but also lowered death rates from 1.5% to 0% and readmission rates by 44%. This included using a set of best practices for each patient and cutting out the variability present in the system associated with each heart surgeon. Now all patients receive the same elements of care, like proper antibiotic administration. Doctors have the option of cancelling the procedure if each step of standardized care was not given to each patient.

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