PA Patient Safety Authority data show disruptive behavior can negatively affect patient care

Patient Safety Monitor Insider

June 16, 2010

The Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority (PPSA) has collected 177 reports of disruptive behavior through its reporting system between May 2007 and October 2009, which was released today in the June Pennsylvania Patient Safety Advisory. The PPSA has been collecting data concerning patient safety events since 2004, when statewide mandatory event reporting went into effect.

According to the advisory:

  • 41% of the events were the result of conflict between clinicians
  • 17% of the events were the result of clinicians not following procedures
  • 10% of the events were attributed to the lack of a response, or delays
  • 12% of the events were listed as "other"
  • 20% of the events were not attributed to a specific behavior

To read more from the PPSA about techniques to prevent disruptive behavior, click here.