Press Ganey releases culture of safety report; finds assessing blame for errors is often why errors occur

Patient Safety Monitor Insider

March 11, 2009

Press Ganey, a consulting firm that works with 40% of the nation's hospitals to help improve quality of care, has released a culture of safety report that assesses 13 dimensions of patient safety culture. Titled Safety Culture Pulse Report, the analysis takes responses from more than 42,000 healthcare employees concerning the culture of safety and relates them to the prevention of medical errors.

Some of the findings from the report include higher perceptions of safety existing at smaller-sized facilities, with staff members who work 20 hours per week (versus 60 per week), and with the newest staff members (less than a year on the job). Additionally, the report notes that the largest impediment to a strong culture of safety is the presence of an attitude that assess blame for errors rather than focuses on where system failures occur.

To read the report, click here.