RFID patch to help with patient identification

Patient Safety Monitor Insider

November 14, 2007

Two companies plan to team up to produce washable skin patches containing RFID tags to help identify patients in the hospital, reports the RFID Journal. Gentag, a company specializing in technology that allows cell phones to read information from RFID tags, and Frank Sammeroff Ldt., a company that produces healthcare products, are partnering in an effort to reduce medical errors from patient misidentification.

RFID tags are currently being used by healthcare facilities to identify patients, but the chips often have had to be implanted or eaten by patients in order to stay with him or her. In this case, the tag is adhered to the body in a "smart skin patch." The companies hope that doctors or nurses could use their handheld devices to sync to the patient's medical records, in an electronic system.

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