Safety tips for patients

Patient Safety Monitor Insider

March 22, 2006

An Arizona Republic column outlines tips caregivers can give patients to help with their own care.

Patients are encouraged to:

  • Provide hospitals workers with a complete medical history
  • Know what medications you're currently taking
  • Don't forget to mention any non-prescription and herbal remedies you may be taking as well. These could react negatively to medication prescribed during your hospital stay
  • If you're given a medication at the hospital, make sure you know what it is and why you need to take it
  • Tell someone if a medication is making you feel sick
  • If possible, use a medication form provided by your physician or hospital to record all the medicines you take
  • Make sure you verify your identity often, especially when caregivers are taking blood work or giving you medication.
  • Follow your healthcare instructions.

To read the complete column, click here.