Stand-alone emergency departments proving successful in some areas

Patient Safety Monitor Insider

December 9, 2009

Illinois has become home to a new type of facility for treating emergency patients—the stand-alone emergency department (ED), reports The Chicago Tribune.

These new EDs have the capability to treat most of the same patients that can be seen at an ED connected to a general hospital, but are often in closer proximity to the population that needs treatment. Those patients with severe problems such as a heart attack or stroke would still need to be seen at a hospital, but patients with less severe emergencies like lacerations, broken bones, and food poisoning can receive care at a freestanding ED. Patients whose conditions worsen beyond the capability of treatment at this type of facility will be transported to a hospital, according to the Tribune.

The stand-alone EDs have proven successful thus far because they offer care to patients who might not necessarily need to be seen at a hospital ED, but do require urgent care. Additionally, they can be located much closer to the homes of patients than existing hospitals.

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