Study: E-prescribing boosts efficiency

Patient Safety Monitor Insider

May 6, 2009

A new study in the May Journal of the American College of Surgeons shows that computer physician order entry (CPOE) systems can make the delivery of medications more efficient. However, patient safety systems related to CPOE still have a ways to go.

Researchers found that with the implementation of an electronic prescribing system, the time it took for a caregiver to place a medication order decreased from 41.2 minutes to 27 seconds. Also, there was a reduced chance for transcription error.

The Institute of Medicine has recommended that all healthcare organizations use an electronic prescribing system by 2010. Researchers for this study say that although better safeguards need to be put in place with CPOE to reduce medication errors, more efficient care also benefits patients and keeps them safe. The greater efficiency associated with the use of CPOE systems can also save facilities money in the long term.

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