Study: Readmission to different hospital affects patient safety

Patient Safety Monitor Insider

May 7, 2014

An interesting study out of Canada suggests that patients released from one hospital and readmitted to another hospital within 30 days are more likely to die within a month than those readmitted to the same hospital, reports the pharmaceutical website
The study, which was published in the May 1 edition of the Canadian Medical Association Journal, analyzed data from about 200,000 patients who were readmitted to one of 21 hospitals in Toronto and the surrounding area. About 20 percent were readmitted to a different hospital than the one they recently left, the report said.
According to the report, the death rates after 30 days were 19 percent for those readmitted to the same hospital and 22 percent for those readmitted to a different hospital, but no causes were given for the increase in death rates.