Study: Sepsis, pneumonia responsible for the HAIs that killed 48,000 patients

Patient Safety Monitor Insider

February 24, 2010

According to a study in the most recent issue of the Archives of Internal Medicine, sepsis and pneumonia were responsible for causing the healthcare-acquired infections (HAI) that eventually killed 48,000 patients in 2006. Researchers studied 69 million discharge records from 40 states, collecting data related to HAIs. This study is one of the largest national studies ever conducted related to HAIs, reports HealthLeaders Media.

Researchers also found that the HAIs cost the healthcare system $8.1 billion during 2006. HAIs can be expensive to treat—patients who developed sepsis after surgery were hospitalized for 11 extra days, at a cost of $33,000. Similarly, patients who developed pneumonia after surgery were hospitalized for an extra 14 days, at a cost of $46,000.

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