Survey shows patient safety leaders lack detailed, real-time harm data

Patient Safety Monitor Insider

October 22, 2014

Patient harm is a common discussion topic among healthcare practitioner and patient safety advocates, but despite that overwhelming concern, most don't have a lot of confidence in their current technology to track harm.

This insight comes from the results of a new survey conducted by Pascal Metrics, Inc., a patient safety organization (PSO) located in Washington, D.C. The PSO surveyed patient safety professionals at the National Patient Safety Foundation's 2014 Patient Safety Congress in May in Orlando, Florida. The survey results revealed the following:

  •  90% of respondents agreed that patient harm is commonly discussed in their organization

  • 47% disagreed or strongly disagreed that their technology showed detailed harm patterns

  • An overwhelming majority (98%) agreed or strongly agreed that technology that provided real-time patient harm patterns would be valuable

To many, the results of this survey may not be particularly surprising. It seems obvious that patient safety leaders frequently talk about patient harm. But the fact that nearly half of respondents show some dissatisfaction in the capabilities of their current technology highlights a deficiency in the healthcare system in which hospitals may be unaware of the true harm that exists within their facility.

This is an excerpt from an article in Patient Safety Monitor Journal.

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