Texas hospitals under scrutiny for allowing "sociopath" doctor to operate

Patient Safety Monitor Insider

March 12, 2014

Three hospitals in Texas are being investigated in the case of a neurosurgeon who lost his license to operate in the state after several patients sued him for alleged improper practices.

The Dallas News reports that Baylor Regional Medical Center at Plano and two other hospitals in the Dallas area are being investigated by the Texas Department of State Health Services about whether they endangered patient safety by allowing neurosurgeon Christopher Duntsch to practice at the hospitals.
Duntsch, who left Baylor in 2012 to seek employment at other hospitals, has been the target of up to a dozen lawsuits from former patients as well as former colleagues who claim he repeatedly used unsafe practices and even operated on a colleague and friend under the influence of cocaine, according to the News.
Lawyers filing at least three federal lawsuits against Baylor are investigating to find out whether the hospital knew about the unsafe practices and yet still allowed him to continue to operate, resulting in several patients being “maimed” and one death, the paper reports.