Upcoming HCPro webcast helps prepare your facility for Ebola

Patient Safety Monitor Insider

October 28, 2014

Join us for Ebola: How to Prepare Your Facility, to learn all you need to know about protecting your healthcare facility while providing the highest level of care for your patients. The show will take place on Monday, November 17 from 1-2 p.m.

This program will help hospitals clear up misconceptions surrounding the latest Ebola outbreak and help facilities develop a response plan in the event they receive a patient with Ebola or similar disease.

During this 60-minute webcast, infection control expert Marge McFarlane and healthcare security expert Tom Smith will:

·       Assess the current status of the Ebola outbreak and the preparedness level of healthcare facilities

·       Separate fact from fiction about transmission and patient care

·       Provide tips on infection prevention as well as intake, isolation, and disinfection procedures unique to Ebola

·       Discuss emergency management and facility security control issues that occur during an outbreak

·       Discuss access control and compliance lessons learned from the SARS experience from 2003

·       Provide suggestions to improve staff training, communication, and support for frontline staff (police and security, valet parking, guest services, environmental services, engineering staff, admitting staff, etc.) when dealing with suspected cases

At the end of this webcast, you’ll learn all about how to confidently and quickly activate a facility response plan to an Ebola patient, maintain ongoing communication regarding the situation both inside and outside the doors of your facility, and provide your staff and security team with the tools they will need to maintain order and properly intake and triage patients in the event of a major outbreak of Ebola or similar disease.

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