Using Big Data Meaningfully to Improve Quality and Safety

Patient Safety Monitor Insider

February 10, 2016

It’s rare to attend a conference on quality, safety, or informatics without feeling the excitement of “big data,” a loose term referring to large volumes of interconnected (and often unverified) data that may be updated and processed rapidly. Big data is often defined by the 5 V’s:

  • Volume: The sheer amount of data to be processed
  • Velocity: The rate at which the data must be processed to keep up with the inflow
  • Variety: The diversity of data sources, types, dimensions, and time scales that must be managed
  • Veracity: The data’s level of accuracy and trustworthiness
  • Value: The significance, or the meaning, of the data and the potential relationships it represents, which is perhaps the most important V of big data

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