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About HCPro

With more than 20 years of experience, HCPro, Inc. (www.hcpro.com), is a leading provider of integrated information, education, training, and consulting products and services in the vital areas of healthcare regulation and compliance. The company's mission is to meet the specialized informational, advisory, and educational needs of the healthcare industry. To accomplish this mission, HCPro provides this specialized information in a variety of products, including magazines, newsletters, books, videos, audio conferences, training handbooks, e-mail newsletters, and online courses. As an acknowledged industry authority in healthcare regulation and compliance, HCPro focuses on providing its clients assistance and expertise in the areas of long-term care, accreditation, medical staff affairs, credentialing, privileging, medical record management, regulatory compliance, nursing, quality/patient safety, infection control, and workplace safety. In addition, HCPro is a pioneer in the delivery of Web-based information, resources and content on "The Business of Healthcare" to managers in the healthcare industry. HCPro developed a series of unique Internet-based solutions, including Web sites, online information centers, electronic product distribution, electronic site licenses, and strategic distribution alliances. Through The Greeley Company (www.greeley.com), HCPro provides seminars and consulting services to healthcare professionals.

HCPro’s Mission

To be the nation’s leading provider of critical information, tools, and training on compliance, regulation and management for the healthcare industry.

We pledge

  • to assist our customers with their mission of healing, and continuous improvement of healthcare, through superior education, unparalleled service, and practical tools and guidance.
  • to provide our employees with an environment that embodies teamwork, celebrates accomplishments, and provides exciting opportunities for professional growth and community involvement.
  • to exceed the expectations of our financial partners.

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